Opportunity 6 Group Health

Opportunity 6 Group Health

At TheCPAaid, we own a sister Group Health Brokerage Firm, strategically designed to seamlessly integrate with your payroll services. While you focus on providing top-notch payroll solutions, we specialize in managing group health insurance and 401(k) services. Our systems are tailor-made to integrate directly into your existing payroll systems, ensuring a cohesive and efficient solution. This not only simplifies processes for you but also solidifies your role as the all-in-one financial service provider for your clients.

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By obtaining authorization from your client to designate TheCPAaid as the broker on record for their current group health insurance, you can unlock the potential for additional revenue without any additional effort. Allow us to handle the administrative tasks while you reap the financial benefits. It's a hassle-free way to boost your earnings and enhance your client relationships. Complete the form today with your client and start maximizing revenue.

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