Case Study-Fedex Employee

CPAs Earnings from this transaction: $5,000

Valued Client of a partnered CPA.


Client was being laid off from Fedex and offered a 401(k) rollover to an annuity by Fedex.

Fedex Annuity Lump Sum: $255,872.27

Product Type
Beneficiary Benefit
Straight Life Annuity TPB
Payments after death $0 to beneficiary
$957.12/ Monthly  
Life Annuity with 60 payments/5-year guaranteed TPB
After death for payments before May 1, 2028 $948.53
$948.53/ Monthly
Life Annuity with 120 payments/ 10-year Guaranteed TPB
After your death for payments before May 1, 2033 $923.47
$923.47/ Monthly
Life Annuity with 180 payments/ 15-year Guaranteed TPB
After your death, for payments before May 1, 2038 $882.25
$882.25/ Monthly

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By shopping the market we were able to get the CPAs client:

Results: Client was extremely grateful to the CPA for having the resources to be able to offer the client double the monthly income than he was being offered by Fedex. Client referred all his ex Fedex coworkers to the CPA for these services. After helping the remaining clients with doubling their guaranteed income the coworkers became the CPAs tax loyal clients.

Value Proposition: