Opportunity 2 Life Insurance

Opportunity 2 Life Insurance

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for life insurance as individuals prioritize the protection of their families. As a CPA, you have a unique opportunity to assist your clients in obtaining the coverage they need.

Partnering with The CPA aid enables you to offer reputable carriers and products, including full living benefits such as terminal, chronic, critical illness, and injury coverage. This comprehensive approach ensures that your clients are protected in the event they are unable to work, safeguarding their financial stability.

By capitalizing on the increased demand for life insurance and our client-centric approach, you can not only meet your clients' needs but also enhance your own financial success. This partnership opens up new avenues for growth and maximizes your earning potential.

Join us in providing valuable protection to your clients while seizing the opportunities presented by the growing demand for life insurance

Living Benefits Explained
Term Life
Universal Life Insurance
Whole Life
Final Expense Life
Return of Premium (ROP) Insurance
Premium Finance
Preneed Insurance

The CPA aid is superior with the ability to offer any insurance that fits your clients needs.

Including captive insurance companies like New York Life and Mass Mutual.

The CPA aid is the only company that holds contracts to captive insurance companies while not being captive with them.