Meet Mary

Mary's insatiable thirst for knowledge began in her childhood, driven by her grandfather's daily question about what she had learned. This innate curiosity made her an information junkie, firmly believing in the power of knowledge.

During her bachelor's degree at CSUN, Mary took unrelated classes in real estate and insurance, eager to maximize her learning opportunities. Insurance, in particular, captured her interest as an intuitive subject that required minimal studying. Her passion for insurance grew, leading her to take more courses to fulfill her credit requirements.

After graduating, Mary's career took a remarkable turn as she joined the Department of Justice (DOJ). Despite her demanding job, she pursued two master's degrees from CSULA, further enhancing her expertise. Mary's dedication and mission-driven nature propelled her up the ranks at the DOJ.

After joining the Department of Justice (DOJ), Mary pursued advanced degrees in global economics (M.Econ) and business administration (MBA) from CSULA. These degrees provided her with a comprehensive understanding of global financial systems, including topics such as monetary policy, international trade, investment strategies, and economic forecasting. Mary's deep knowledge of money and its workings enabled her to make informed decisions and navigate complex financial landscapes with confidence.

Her insights and strategic thinking proved invaluable in shaping the DOJ's financial strategies and resource allocation. Mary made significant contributions to the DOJ's mission, adhering to the government's culture of focusing on the mission rather than seeking individual recognition.

Mary's unwavering dedication to her career at the DOJ made her believe it would be her lifelong commitment. However, everything changed one evening when she returned home from work to encounter an insurance agent presenting life insurance to her in-laws. Intrigued, Mary joined the conversation, only to be taken aback by the agent's lack of accurate information and inability to address her inquiries. The agent's frustration grew as Mary's own knowledge on the subject surpassed theirs, marking a turning point in her perception of the insurance industry.

Mary's in-laws, realizing the agent's shortcomings, turned to Mary for assistance in finding the right insurance product and coverage that would meet their needs and expectations. They trusted Mary's knowledge and expertise to guide them through the process and ensure they made the best choices for their insurance requirements.

Despite Mary's initial reluctance due to her busy career with the DOJ, her in-laws convinced her that getting licensed and handling their life insurance needs herself was the best way to ensure it was done correctly. Mary embarked on a search for knowledgeable agents in the field but was disappointed to find a lack of expertise among them. Eventually, she succumbed to her in-laws' insistence and took on the responsibility of getting licensed and becoming their insurance provider, despite her already demanding schedule.

Months later, while still dedicated to her career at the DOJ, Mary experiences an on-the-job accident that leads her to seek the assistance of her chiropractor. During the visit, the chiropractor shares his struggles with obtaining life insurance and expresses confusion about the product he is purchasing. Recognizing the potential future consequences the chiropractor might face by purchasing the wrong product, Mary offers to review the paperwork without disclosing her insurance license. The chiropractor's assistant promptly sends the documents to Mary. As she reviews the paperwork, Mary realizes that the agent is about to enroll the chiropractor in a Variable Life Insurance policy just before a period of market uncertainty, potentially putting the chiropractor at risk of significant financial loss. In disbelief, Mary contacts the chiropractor and, fully aware of the alarming situation, offers her assistance to help him navigate the insurance process and protect his interests.

The chiropractor was astonished by Mary's extensive knowledge in the insurance field. He praised her expertise and expressed that it would be a disservice not to utilize her skills where there is a lack of knowledge. The chiropractor revealed his own hesitation in obtaining insurance over the years due to a lack of trust in others who approached him. In recognition of her abilities, he wrote a note referencing her accident, allowing her to take several months off from work. During this time, he referred numerous clients to her. Mary's income during those two months exceeded her entire year's earnings at the DOJ. Encouraged by those around her, she began to believe that this was her true calling and that she should depart from the DOJ to serve and assist the community in the insurance field.

Mary's success in the insurance industry was remarkable, as she quickly achieved membership in the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table. Her accomplishments surpassed the dreams of many other agents in the agency, despite her relatively short tenure in the field.